Production Web Applications

  • BazQux Reader, commercial RSS feed reader [partial source code]
  • Bitcoin Merge Mining Pool
  • Ecosrv, a build server for firmware on network hardware
  • Extensibl [source code]
  • Oilprice [source code]
  • Have an application I could add to the list? Please let me know!

    Student Projects

  • Logitext, an interactive sequent calculus tutorial
  • Former Production Applications

  • Bitparking Namecoin Exchange
  • Blog Posts and Demos

    ...documenting various people's experiences with the language

  • Artyom Shalkhakov on a small app to help split an expense evenly [2017]
  • Vladimir Shabanov on using Ur/Web in the commercial BazQux application [2014]
  • Daniel Patterson on building a media player application, with literate source code [2013]
  • Timothy Beyer's jsMove demo [2012]
  • Edward Z. Yang on Ur/Web's approach to records and splitting code between server and client [2012]
  • David Snider [2011]
  • Chris Double [2010]
  • Other Lists

  • Wiki page: Companies supporting the Ur/Web language
  • Wiki page: Ur-based projects
  • Wiki page: Code samples